“In the last few years signified by supply chain disruptions, geopolitical and economic uncertainty, we have adapted to the new market conditions based on our 20-year expertise in the field, trying to be as fast and creative as possible. We remained a trusted provider in the region, as we traded huge volumes over these years and we are very proud of that. Our achievements are the result of the work of our personnel and our experience in this type of complex activity, as well as integrity and transparency in the way we do business. As we continue to maximize the value of the Company's trading business, we believe in the value of long-term partnerships with the countries and regions where we operate.”

Dan Berendel, Chief Executive Officer


Managing our business with integrity in a responsible manner is critical to our day-to-day operations.

We are committed to creating sustainable value in everything we undertake both for ourselves and
for the value chain formed by our employees, business partners and of course the local community,
while also considering the environment.

We also aim to maintain a high standard of ethics and compliance by leveraging our expertise and
keeping pace with emerging technologies and trends.

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