Master Chem Oil at a glance

Master Chem Oil is an international marketer, distributer and physical trader of oil and petrochemical products.

The company conduct its international and domestic business though entities in Romania and Dubai and supplies a wide range of products through long term contracts, spot deals and tenders.

Our multi-product strategy helps the company stay competitive in a variety of markets. It also balances company’s correlated markets activity during highly volatile periods, ensuring the continuity of our business and a more stable environment.

Our current geographies and trade routes include:

Our History

Master Chem Oil was first established in Romania in 2001 by the company’s founder Mr. Dan Berendel, a Romanian entrepreneur who entered this sector to capitalise on the liberalisation of the Romanian oil market. Subsequently, in 2016 Mr. Berendel founded Master Chem Oil DMCC in Dubai, UAE with the purpose of strengthening the company’s international reach and presence. Dubai office currently acts as the company’s head office.

In the 20 years of operating, Mr. Berendel built a strong team which includes experienced financial, technical and operational industry veterans with extensive work experience at numerous Romanian refineries, energy and logistics companies.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to offer clients the best solutions to short- and medium-term imbalances related to the supply, storage, and distribution of fuel. This objective is based on our firm response to a continuous increase in fuel demand.

Our strategy focuses on consolidation of our position on the industrial chemicals and petrochemicals market through our expertise and competence, high quality of traded products, complementary trading services as well as creativity in the way we do business.

We are maximizing the value of the company’s trading business by expanding across the global market in a flexible but prudent way, diversifying the portfolio of our clients by offering world-class products and seeking new long-term partnerships which support our trading business.

In addition, Master Chem Oil supports sustainable value in everything it does and undertakes. We create sustainable value both for ourselves and for the value chain formed by our employees, business partners and the local community, but we also consider the environment. To read more about our sustainability policy click here.