Every day Master Chem Oil trades a variety of petroleum and petrochemical products.

We use our assets to store and move the products in a secure and sustainable way around the world. The latest generation technologies allow us to optimize the loading and unloading process both by rail and car, thus reducing fuel consumption and impact on the environment, while our security systems ensure maximum protection and operating safety for the employees engaged in these processes.

We remain a trusted partner for our customer base and are expanding across the global market by seeking new long-term partnerships which support our trading business.


Our multi-product strategy helps the company stay competitive in a variety of markets.


Master Chem Oil owns an inland storage terminal located in the city of Ploiesti, an
important economic, commercial and industrial center of Romania.

In addition, in 2022 JetFly Hub SRL, a company of the Master Chem Oil group, opened a fuel
supply branch in Dornesti city near Ukraine border.

Our world-class asset infrastructure ensures that our teams can carry out technically
demanding work that effectively delivers required solutions for all our customers.

  • 10 vertical tanks with a total of 14’000 cbm
  • Private railway independent connection
  • Carbon steel pipes
  • Blending equipment

For more information, visit our group company JetFly Hub technical page

Logistics & Insurance

Logistics expertise

The Company has a dedicated and experienced operations department, which
closely monitors cargo and plans the trading logistics with local and international
authorities, ports, terminals, shippers, and traders. In addition, the Company‘s
operational staff is highly experienced in the quality control of goods, plus the
Company is working with reputable and solid companies as outsourced services of
this type (Petcom, SGS, Saybolt, CALEB BRETT)


The Company insures all its goods throughout the storage, transportation and
holding process with the highly reputable international insurers.

In addition, Master Chem Oil is a registered company in the following systems:

  • NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS): 505003075
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE): 1GUVL